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David Hufstader: Artist Website has hundreds of thousands of active members, and as a result, there is a lot of activity each day.   This page provides recognition to those images that attract the most attention on any given day.   Updates occur each night at 11:59 PM (EST).

Belinda Stephenson received 853 visitors to the following image:

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Jamie Pham received 58 likes on the following image:

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Linda Brody lovely

1 Day Ago

John Telfer Jamie, Excellent image of the White Sands in New Mexico, great depth in this image LF

1 Day Ago

Bill Gallagher Nicely captured.

1 Day Ago

Cathy Mahnke Outstanding

1 Day Ago

Linda Brody received 37 comments on the following image:

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John Telfer Linda, Congrats on your sale LF

1 Day Ago

Cathy Mahnke Congrats

1 Day Ago

Guido Montanes Castillo Congrats on your sale!

23 Hours Ago

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography Congratulations

14 Hours Ago

Randy Dyer received 31 favorites on the following image:

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Bill Gallagher Nice work.

1 Day Ago

Cathy Mahnke Beautiful

1 Day Ago

Valerie Dauce Beautiful capture Randy!

1 Day Ago

Robert VanDerWal Nice One!

13 Hours Ago